Event Organization: Understanding and Detailed Characteristics

Event Organization: Understanding and Detailed Characteristics

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Event organization is one of the popular and highly competitive industries in the job market that attracts the interest of many young individuals. It is also a crucial aspect of the advertising, communication, and entertainment services industry. Event organization has the potential for strong development and further growth in the future. However, many people still feel uncertain when exploring this industry. To understand the detailed characteristics of event organization, let’s read the article below from CareerViet…_

What is Event Organization?

The question of “What is event organization or event?” is a common curiosity for many people. In reality, this industry receives a lot of attention in today’s job market. With the strong development of communication nowadays, this profession asserts its importance and standing in society. Here are the roles and purposes of event organization in our lives:

Roles of Event Organization

Event organization is an activity carried out to serve PR and marketing purposes. This helps increase customers and enhance the brand’s reputation. Sometimes, event organization aims at sales, celebrations, meetings, or year-end galas. Events are often created to attract attention from the community and the target audience the event wants to reach.

This activity serves as an essential tool in promoting a company’s products, brand, and services. A successful event can have positive impacts on communication. Conversely, if it fails, it can decrease the brand recognition in the market.

Vai trò của việc tổ chức sự kiện là giúp thúc đẩy doanh thu bán hàng

Purposes of Event Organization

The purpose of event organization is to achieve results and values that businesses or organizations desire immediately afterward. The purposes of event organization activities include:

  • Conveying messages that businesses want to communicate to the target audience, supporting the development of communication campaigns, and effectively developing the brand’s image.

  • A successfully organized event helps enhance the value and perception of the brand by the public.

  • Maximizing communication effects both externally and within the event with the aim of touching the emotions of participants and customers.

Detailed Process of Event Organization

An event is considered successful when it is organized according to a strict, detailed, and specific process. Here is the basic process of event organization that businesses need to understand to successfully organize events for their company, providing value to the brand in the market.

Initiating the Event Organization:

Before starting an event, event organizers need to gather information from potential customers to gather opinions and advice on suitable items for the event. Specific steps include:

  • Goals and desires of the unit wanting to organize the event.

  • Factors needed to determine the success of the event.

  • Detailed planning of ideas for organizing the event.

  • Transportation, installation of equipment, sound systems, and lighting needed for the event.

  • Implementing marketing campaigns and promotional activities for the upcoming event.

  • Planning for contingency plans if any issues arise.

Giai đoạn bắt đầu của sự kiện cần làm rõ mục tiêu, nguyện vọng mà doanh nghiệp muốn đạt được thông qua sự kiện

Running the Event:

The stage of running the event typically includes the following steps:

  • Careful installation and ensuring the safety of necessary sound, lighting, and decorations. It is essential to ensure that these systems work well during the event.

  • Final check of all items in the event before starting the program.

  • Organizing the team to welcome guests attending the event opening.

  • Managing and closely monitoring the event’s progress and ensuring that the event runs according to the pre-planned schedule.

  • Checking items, lighting systems, and sound before running the event.

Kiểm tra các hạng mục, hệ thống ánh sáng, âm thanh trước khi chạy sự kiện

After Event Organization:

After organizing the event, businesses should pay attention to activities such as:

  • Promoting communication activities to promote brand awareness during the event.

  • Building good relationships and connections with service providers supporting the event.

  • Caring for and paying attention to customers to provide the best services for them. They will have a good impression of the business and turn to it when they have needs.

  • Solving post-event issues that may arise, such as budgetary issues.

  • Finding suitable solutions to address unexpected issues or shortcomings to gain experience.

Handling Issues in Event Management

Various issues may arise during the event execution process. Therefore, after the event concludes, businesses need to review and address lingering issues through the following activities:

  • Budgetary issues related to event organization.

  • Finding suitable solutions to rectify unforeseen incidents and shortcomings to gain experience.

Growing Fields in Event Organization

Most of the current activities on the market, such as sports and entertainment, commerce, and social work campaigns, require the assistance of event organization to conduct exhibitions, press conferences, workshops, and more. Event organization is becoming a well-developed professional field in many countries and is taught in detail with a system of professional theories and knowledge. Activities related to and requiring event organization include:

  • Trade fairs and exhibitions.

  • Workshops, conferences, and discussions.

  • Concerts, festivals, and music performances.

  • Fundraising events or entertainment purposes.

  • Cultural events, sports events, or events of the Party and State.

  • Product launches, introductions, and promotions.

  • Events related to the image of businesses, commercial promotions, or marketing programs.

Hầu hết những lĩnh vực trên thị trường đền cần sự hỗ trợ của khâu tổ chức sự kiện

What Does a Professional Event Organizer Need?

People often wonder what event organizers study or what skills professional event organizers need. In reality, event organizers, in addition to studying specialized knowledge in fields such as marketing, event management, event directing, also need to be creative and sharp. Furthermore, organizational skills, teamwork, flexibility, and maintaining a standard attitude are essential to successfully carry out event organization tasks. In addition, professional event organizers need to have the ability to withstand pressure, a strong mindset, and a professional attitude during their operations to achieve the most successful event organization.

Nhân viên tổ chức sự kiện cần sự nhạy bén và linh hoạt

Salary of Event Organization Staff

Currently, the workforce in the event organization industry is highly sought after in the job market. Companies and businesses are not hesitant to invest heavily to find talented event organizers to serve the purpose of promoting their brand. Therefore, the salary in this industry is at the top and may experience strong growth based on the effectiveness of the work. Specifically, an event organizer may receive an average salary of 9,000,000 VND per month. This figure can increase depending on the working capacity and the number of projects received in a month. To learn more details and meticulous information about the salary in this industry, you can visit VietnamSalary to update the latest information and statistics.

Skills Required for Event Organization Staff

In addition to a strong professional knowledge base, event organization staff also need to continuously improve and develop the following skills to serve their work and meet the needs of businesses on the market:

[Teamwork Skills:]

To organize an event with hundreds or thousands of participants, event organizers cannot act alone but need the support of a team or colleagues. Therefore, to become a professional event organizer, you need to master teamwork skills and know how to cooperate with team members to ensure smooth work.

Làm việc theo nhóm là kỹ năng cần có của một nhân viên tổ chức sự kiện

[Communication Skills:]

During the work process, event organizers will have the opportunity to meet and interact with various potential partners. Therefore, having good and professional communication skills will help you find more collaboration projects. Moreover, this skill helps in dividing work, coordinating personnel reasonably, and ensuring the success of the event.

Scriptwriting Skills:

Many people mistakenly think that event organization is a hands-on job, without using the “brain.” In reality, to make an event run in an organized and impressive manner, event organizers need to plan and build a script in advance. Without a script, the event is likely to run chaotically and encounter many difficult-to-solve problems. Therefore, in addition to professional knowledge, you also need to learn scriptwriting skills to become a professional event organizer.

Kỹ năng xây dựng kịch bản cũng cần thiết cho nhân viên tổ chức sự kiện

Creativity Skills]

These are core factors that a professional event organizer must possess. They are responsible for all aspects of the event, including venue selection, decoration planning, stage design, program scripting, organizing artistic performances, and developing communication ideas for the event. Consequently, appropriate creativity helps the event stand out, create a strong impression, and attract participants.

Who is Suitable for the Event Management Profession

Although this is a “hot hit” industry in the market, not everyone can become a professional event organizer. Those who are suitable for this job need to have the following qualities:

  • Dynamic and Creative Individuals: The job of an event organizer involves planning, executing, and supervising various events, so dynamic individuals will have enough energy to handle these activities in the best possible state. Additionally, creativity allows you to generate unique and novel ideas, producing positive effects and leaving a lasting impression on clients.

  • Organizational Skills: To ensure the smooth execution of events, there are numerous tasks to handle. Therefore, you need organizational skills to arrange tasks logically, avoiding time wastage that could affect your work schedule.

  • Perfectionists: Individuals with this quality are well-suited for the role of an event organizer. Your meticulous attention to detail and carefulness will ensure that everything is done in the best possible way.

  • Good Health: Good health ensures that you have the positive energy required for your work. Event organization involves meeting partners, suppliers, and clients. Therefore, good health is a factor for you to successfully complete tasks and engage in this profession for the long term.

Người sáng tạo, năng động phù hợp để trở thành nhân viên tổ chức sự kiện

Creative and dynamic individuals are suitable for becoming event organizers (Source: Internet)

These are the key points related to the event management industry. Hopefully, after reading, you will gain valuable knowledge related to this “hot hit” profession, allowing you to plan for your dream job in the future

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Event Organization: Understanding and Detailed Characteristics

Event Organization: Understanding and Detailed Characteristics

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